Milpa: traditional agricultural system made up of a polyculture.


What is A Milpa do Salnes?

What is A Milpa do Salnes?

08 Agu 2022 / A Milpa do Salnés Sociedade

What is A Milpa do Salnes?

It is an associated work cooperative

Why A milpa do Salnes?

It is the miscegenation of the two cultures, of the members of the Nicaraguan and Spanish cooperative. 

The word "milpa" comes from the Nahuatl milpan – and means "sowing". This drift of milli, which can be translated as "sown plot" and of bread that refers to "on top of". In the name of the cooperative, the two languages of Nahuatl and Galician are mixed. 

Super curious that in Galicia, there are also plots equal to those found in Mesoamerica combining (Corn- Beans - Ayote) and in Galicia (Millo - Fabas - Pumpkins) are varieties of the same families that form a milpa on both continents.


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