Milpa: traditional agricultural system made up of a polyculture.


Basic Course Biointensive Agriculture

Basic Course Biointensive Agriculture

06 Jun 2022 / Centro Xiyún

Basic Course

Biointensive Agriculture
Saturday mornings of Xullo 2022

Small-scale agro-ecological food cultivation

as you know, food is one of the basic pillars of good health. In addition, modern agricultural practices are one of the factors that most negatively influence both food quality and the contamination and degradation of soils (70% in danger of desertification), water and air.

The issue seems so important to us that from the Xiyún Center and Classroom (Clouds of the West) we want to make a contribution to reverse this process towards a personal and universal enrichment.

With this intention, in collaboration with the Cooperative Society "A Milpa do Salnés"

we propose this basic course of Biointensive Agriculture

That we will celebrate the mornings of the 5 Saturdays of July from 9 to 15 hs. in our classroom and garden.

For more information about this method and its surprising results we send you a video with the bases of the method, in addition to our poster announcing the course.
We thank you for its dissemination and we hope to share this experience with you.

Bless you!

Fernando Salgado Blanco
Centro Médico XIYUN de Medicina China

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