Milpa: traditional agricultural system made up of a polyculture.


Lines of work



We are producers of our raw material, which is Galician native corn, the basis for the production of the delicious Milpa nixtamalized corn flour. We rescue the Galician agricultural culture associated with corn (its seed, its soils, its climate, its infrastructure) which is in a rapid process of abandonment in Atlantic Galicia. Our productive space is the Municipality of Meaño, the heart of Salnés.



Our farmer experience give us the basis to teach how to produce your food in an ecological way to seek a complete and totally self-sufficient diet. Our work tool is the Grow biointensive method of small-scale organic production, created in the United States and spread across five continents. We are certified by the North American organization that created the method (Ecology Action) to teach training and provide advice on Grow biointensive. We also conduct training in various fields of ecology and the environment based on our extensive experience in Mesoamerica and Galicia.



We carry out applied research to improve our production processes. We focus our efforts on research to improve soil fertility in a sustainable way in a network with farmers around the world (ongoing project funded by North American entities such as Grow Your Soil and Ecology Action), adaptation of different varieties of corn seed autochthonous (in collaboration with the Mabegondo Agricultural Research Center – CIAM) and we investigated the adaptation and implementation of the biointensive method in the ecosystem of the European Temperate Oceanic Forest (we work in a network with farmers from Portugal, Spain and France). We also carry out research on birds mainly with kentish plover a vulnerable species in Galicia.

Biointensive Garden O Torno

Huerta Biointensiva

Located in the center of the Concello de Meaño, it is our main space for research, demonstration and teaching of the Grow biointensive. It is one of the reference orchards in this method at European level and has recently joined a worldwide network of Soil Monitoring Stations (STS for its acronym in English).

In our garden we conserve our soil, we produce our food, our seeds and we teach a new way of producing your food.

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