Milpa: traditional agricultural system made up of a polyculture.


The Milpa

What is Milpa?

Milpa is an ancestral cultivation technique used by the indigenous people in Mesoamerica where different crops are associated around corn and it was created to obtain a diversity of foods to satisfy basic nutritional needs in a balanced way.

Milpa is a cultivation technique that does not exhaust or fatigue the soils, since both corn and its associated crops [beans and squash] supplement the necessary nutrients to keep the land in good conditions. The beneficial association of crops allows the Milpa to be very productive and maintain the health of the agroecosystem to avoid problems of pests and diseases.

The cornfield is considered an ecological cultivation technique, created based on the empirical knowledge of Mesoamerican native peoples that enables the balance of natural and human life. Milpa, since pre-Hispanic antiquity, made it possible for human beings to expand their food sources and establish social groups around them that developed agriculture without harming the environment.

A Milpa do Salnés translates, interprets and puts into practice this wise farming system in the first European region where corn is used for human consumption. Our project is built around corn, the food of the pre-Hispanic Mesoamerican gods.

Our growing areas

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