Milpa: traditional agricultural system made up of a polyculture.


Promoting knowledge in the Biointensive Method in Asturias.

Promoting knowledge in the Biointensive Method in Asturias.

09 Nov 2022 / A Milpa do Salnés Sociedade Cooperativa Galega

Part of the work of A Milpa do Salnés / Horta Biointensiva O Torno, is to be able to share our way of working the garden, both with adults and with the smallest of the house, often through organizations and the latter through schools. 
It is a real challenge to be able to share and at the same time know the different ways of producing in the areas neighboring Galicia. 
In October we taught a basic course on the Biointensive Method at the Finca El Cabillón of the EDES Foundation, in Tapia de Casariego, Asturias.

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