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How to make corn tortillas with nixtamalized corn flour A Milpa

How to make corn tortillas with nixtamalized corn flour A Milpa
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The corn tortilla is a preparation that is consumed regularly in many countries, mainly Latin America, where they are the basis of recipes such as tacos, enchiladas, repochetas, baleadas, quesadillas and also the famous totopos (with which the famous nachos with cheese).

Currently it is easy to find wheat tortillas, however, finding nixtamalized corn tortillas in supermarkets is not very easy. So we recommend you prepare homemade tortillas, because they are very easy and you will also see that the flavor is unbeatable.

Put the flour in a bowl with the salt. Add the water little by little, stirring with your hand, knead lightly until it is soft and you can make balls with your hand. Divide the dough into balls of the desired size. To stretch them you can use a plastic for food use and stretch them with your hand turning it clockwise so that they are round.
But there is also a tortilla that is used in Latin America. If you don't have a press, you can also do it by placing the ball slightly flattened with your hand between two pieces of plastic wrap and flatten with something with a flat and wide base, such as a large plate, so that it is as thin as possible.

They can be made in a very hot non-stick frying pan after a minute or two we will see that the dough darkens a little on the surface, at that moment we turn and then turn again and flatten with a kitchen napkin so that they puff up (there are 3 laps, one when putting it in the pan, 2 when putting the other side and 3 the last one so that it inflates). Repeat with the rest of the dough and consume as soon as possible. Hot they taste better if you have leftovers you can cut them into pieces and fry them they serve to accompany them with avocado or to make chilaquiles.


Ingredients for about 12 medium tortillas
  • 500 g of A Milpa nixtamalized corn flour.
  • 5 g of salt (optional).
  • 700 g of water (add it little by little, not all at once, to measure consistency).
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